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To all those who ‘can’t touch your toes’

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Let’s just clear something up about yoga before you offer me an excuse about what you cannot do. You do NOT have to be able to touch your toes as a pre-requisite for attending a yoga class. I am not sure when or where the myth began that flexibility was a prerequisite for practicing yoga,… Read more »

On Being an Urban Warrior Activist

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  I have always considered myself an activist, and tend to fall on the left of most social issues. Being an activist has always been an important part of my identity. I fight for the things I believe in and feel passionately that we can create a more peaceful existence with the world around us;… Read more »

Creating Space

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In a class that I took around the holiday season, the teacher began by laying us down on our backs with eyes closed as she talked about “how stressful the holidays could be with family drama, too much food, gift-giving, and other obligations”. As she described her experience of the holidays, I thought ‘wait a… Read more »

Yoga Etiquette videos

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One of my home studios here in Chicago Tejas Yoga put together a few ‘Yoga Etiquette’ videos for your viewing pleasure.  While there aren’t any technical rules for being in a yoga studio and/or class, we thought it may be a humorous way to bring up some of the common things we as teachers, see in… Read more »