Private Sessions

As a trained Social Worker, I believe yoga has the ability to bring us towards a deeper sense of self awareness. Our approach to yoga, serves as a literal metaphor for the ways in which we live our lives in the external environment. We come to some of the very same challenges on the mat that we do in our homes, in our work lives, within our personal and imitate relationships, and in other spaces. Yoga gives us the opportunity to explore and challenge those barriers, to create new understandings of ourselves, new ways of approaching the world, and new ways of being present in the process. It allows us to turn the senses inward, as a consequence of quieting the noises and distractions around us, and find peace, calm and stillness inside.

Every individual is different and authentic in very unique ways. There isn’t simply one approach to sustaining a yoga practice that works for everyone. We all have different constitutional make-ups, are at different stages of life, and have various external factors that affect our lived experience. Sometimes individuals need more in depth instruction and exploration to have a yoga practice that is complimentary to their life at a particular point in time.

Private sessions can be approached in different ways…

  • Create a sequence that works for you, that you can then take and make as your home practice
  • Explore and work on deeper poses and variations that you may not get to explore as much in class settings
  • Focus on countering a specific mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, issues around eating, insomnia or any other condition that affects an individuals well being

Contact me  to discuss working together in a private setting.